About Omnibus

Omnibus is a forthcoming title. It’s due to pull into the station in October of 2022, with Aqua Fox Press.

Memoir: months spent in the American Midwest during
the pandemic. Behind enemy lines.
Fiction: short stories inspired by favorite writers,
influential musicians, spiritual leaders, and others. The
fiction, written during the pandemic, attempts to find
hope amid the post-Trumpian, lockdown fatigued,
Q-Anon’d craziness in the heart of red-state rural
Nights teaching fiction to people around the country
from my in-law’s basement, the basement of struggling
family. Students struggling but finding connection in
Zoom. July 4th on the water. The Twin Cities blanketed in
wildfire smoke. Culminating in the beautiful spectacle of
Naomi Osaka, Olympians and others saying it’s okay not
to be okay.

Head over to omnibus.substack.com to read about it and read from it. There you can subscribe to get selections in your inbox. It’s also available for pre-order here.