Gallery – An Extremely Rare Edition

Many of my projects are obsessive and counter-intuitive. Working professionally in publishing, I learned about signatures, and how books are paginated, printed and bound. It’s not entirely rocket science, but having this knowledge felt novel to me, like a meat-eater knowing how to smoke his own meats.

Or not.

Anyway, just because I knew this was possible, didn’t mean it was a great idea to try to fashion a book. But I rose to the challenge, trying several methods of sewing bindings before settling, with bloodied fingertips, on a gluing method.

The signatures are laid out in what termed Microsoft Word terms a “bookfold” layout. Just picture me printing readable pamphlets here at the AWS HQ offices on days when business was slow. I would staple them together and imagine they were published works. Sad, no? Be sure to picture rain streaking down my office window.

With this particular Extremely Limited Edition(TM) book, I bound and glued the signatures with board, and made frontispieces, and everything, following a page on some how-to site. A dust jacket was not meant to be for this particular project. Think of the rustic look you see below, and the coarse burlap-like cover, as fitting the AWS aesthetic perfectly—rustic, like you find with our pallet wood signage and office interior d├ęcor.

The final product was far from glossy, and that’s how many of my projects go. I did have it copy-edited by a colleague, however, and the item fetched $250 at auction. Which was for a good cause, and that’s all that matters. I know the party who made the winning bid, and when he dies, I shall recover it from his belongings. I’m just kidding.

You may notice the imprint. In case you didn’t know, all the Aqua Fox Press titles are available here [link forthcoming].