We learned very little on-site when visiting this temple, in the town of Matale, near Kandy. We didn’t have a guide, and there was little in the way of informative signage—none in English. Which is fine. In fact, we didn’t even get inside. We were told it was a HinduRead

Unfortunately Ron Stuckey, Sr. failed to patent his method of printing characters really large on a laser printer and fashioning stencils by hand. It’s probably for the best since it was time-consuming and inefficient. But that was Ron for you. Here’s a look at this technique used on the originalRead

I found the Old Town in Valencia a ton of fun to walk around in, just for the atmosphere, architecture, and art. Mood was very chill and the area was hardly over-saturated with tourists. This was in September. Some shops, but nothing gaudy. Felt like many musicians and artists livedRead

Here’s a look at the shop down the years, going back to when Ron’s workbench was bare studs, no found object art.Read

In conjunction with Anahata Living and Love Waves, AWS is excited to announce a weekly yoga and sound gathering, happening Sunday mornings starting September 19. This is happening in the newly christened Sound Temple on the grounds of Aspiring Writer Syndrome’s Olivebridge, NY, headquarters. Head to this event calendar forRead

When I was in high school, I played Salvador Dalí in a project for a Social Studies class, in which we filmed a Johnny Carson-style talk show and appeared as historical people who interested us and who we could of course research in order to receive a grade. I readRead