Small gallery from Fez. Culturally, it didn’t feel appropriate to be swinging the camera everywhere. We were admonished once or twice by locals—“No picture!” But perhaps more than that, I wanted to focus on being present and taking in the stunning visual cityscape directly with my eyes, ears and nose.Read

Ever since reading Paul Bowles in college, I have wanted to visit Morocco. In 2019, I finally did.Read

In 2019, Theresa and I traveled to Spain and had a fun adventure driving down the eastern coast from Barcelona to Tarifa. Here’s a look at the route and galleries.Read

This was a very special trip, taken in February and March, 2015, and lasting three weeks. Theresa and I are blessed to have friends who hail from Colombo. They hosted us (and another couple for a portion of the time) at their family homes, and together we took sojourns outRead