When I was in high school, I played Salvador Dalí in a project for a Social Studies class, in which we filmed a Johnny Carson-style talk show and appeared as historical people who interested us and who we could of course research in order to receive a grade. I read a biography of the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí and sat in a chair taking questions from my friend Dan Perry, who played the show’s host. I opened my eyes wide and tilted my head back and related anecdotes such as the one about throwing “myself” down the stairs, just for the sake of something interesting to do. My costume consisted of a sports coat and painted mustache. I could have done a lot more costume-wise, but let’s just say for the record that there were budget constraints.

This is all to say that the Dalí Theater-Museum was a must-see for me when Theresa and I traveled to Spain in 2019. It did not disappoint.

First, the lovely little town of Figueres, the building, and the space that greets you.

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Now some of the art. Paintings. Jewels. An entire room that doubles as a portrait. Moving sculptures. Murals. Light boxes. Lamps. The unimaginable.

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