AWS exists to spread the point of view that literature is for everybody.

Literature is for everybody.

It’s worth saying again. It’s for everybody in the same what that health care is for everybody, and public services are for everybody, and the right to safety—many, many things. We could even rope in the pursuit of happiness, and at that point it starts to sound patriotic and vaguely political, which is the last thing we want here at AWS.

At AWS, artistic expression in the literary arts transcends notions of country. There are no bounds to who should enjoy the thrill and wonder of reading the words of others and writing of the world as you see it.

We’ll work towards this mission first by publishing fun, instructive, thoughtful pieces about fiction craft. Hopefully they’ll be unique as hell—as unique as a copywriter for a fucking corporation swearing up and down the page. And reckless. That’s another important facet of AWS content. It’ll be unpredictable, even dangerous at times. Smash the hell out of the button below to feel the licit thrill. That’s just an example of our site copy.

Actually all our lessons are perfectly safe, but sometimes they work in surprising ways and encourage experimentation in voice!