Work Samples

For quite a while, I’ve been faced with the problem of how to to give potential clients and website visitors an idea of what they might receive and experience if they engage me for developmental editing and/or consultation. Publishing samples of my written feedback to clients would be the most revealing, but that feedback is private and confidential.

Now, perhaps, artificial intelligence offers a solution. I’ve produced some summaries of client feedback using AI, and here they are.

The feedback provided by Ben on the story is overall positive. He appreciates the honesty, vulnerability, and true nature of the story. He suggests adding more details about the decision-making process regarding the central plot event and describing the sequence of events leading to the protagonist’s anxiety. Ben also recommends adding sensory elements to bring the setting to life and mentioning specific details about the street and murals in Florence. He mentions specific lines and moments he found impactful and suggest minor changes for clarity and stronger descriptions. At the end, Ben suggests exploring potential continuations or expansions of the story and developing the main characters further. Overall, he finds the story compelling and well-executed.

Ben provides feedback on a piece of writing by J. He mentions that her style is concrete and not dreamy, and suggests that the piece could be either more essayistic or shaped into a dramatized story. He praises the strengths of the piece, such as the dramatic elements and the details about attire. Ben suggests reframing the opening paragraph to make it more like the opening of a film and using more direct dialogue throughout the story. He encourages J. to unpack scenes and be more patient and step-by-step in her descriptions. Ben particularly praises a scene where J. teaches movements to the dancers and suggests giving more details about the dancers and their interactions. He advises Jacqueline to depict the commonality between them rather than just stating it. Ben recommends continuing to depict scenes, including the moment when gloom settles in, and praises the last conversation and ending of the piece. He believes that with revisions, this story could be published in a literary journal. Ben offers to provide further ideas if J. is interested and encourages her to share her thoughts or ask any questions.