Hello, I’m Benjamin Obler, a novelist, editor, and writing teacher. In 2019, I launched this site for my editorial services, teaching, and homepage for all my writing and creative projects. As of 2024, my creative projects and writing have moved to BenjaminObler.com.

In I am available for hire for editorial services, and here’s what they are, in brief. They include consultation on fiction and nonfiction book-length projects. Also individual short stories and essays.

Private instruction in storycraft, process, moral and spiritual support. Prompts, exercises, and how to navigate the business of being a writer, including digital tools, and editorial guidance of all kinds. 

Most of my clients self-publish. That’s been where most of my experience has been, including with CreateSpace.com, which was Amazon’s self-publishing operation before it became Kindle Direct Publishing. For CreateSpace, I edited mysteries, thrillers, fantasies, memoirs, westerns, literary, romance, suspense, and more. Other students have gone on to publish with publishers, literary journals and anthologies, and to be accepted in top MFA programs.  

I have been working with writers in editorial capacities since 2001, a classroom teacher since 2009, a private consultant since 2015. I bring production knowledge from 20 plus years working in educational publishing.

I can render all editorial processes a novel or book requires, apart from translation.

When self-publishing, I work with interior templates to make the book stand out, and I can consult and guide you on the interior styling and layout, to create a book that will look like you want. 

I work with graphic designers and graphic artists directly—former colleagues who are not only fluent in the technical standards necessary for print publishing, but make a novel’s world beautifully evocative and enticing.

My rates vary. The best way to explore working with me is for us to do a friendly Zoom for the all-important discovery process. Then I can provide a written estimate, share a workflow recommendation and explain scheduling options. I try to do this with all the clarity you’d get from a doctor explaining treatment options.