I am available for hire for editorial services, and here’s what they are, in brief. They include consultation on fiction and nonfiction book-length projects. Also individual short stories and essays.

Private instruction in storycraft, process, moral and spiritual support. Prompts, exercises, and how to navigate the business of being a writer, including digital tools, and editorial guidance of all kinds. 

Most of my clients self-publish. That’s been where most of my experience has been, including with CreateSpace.com, which was Amazon’s self-publishing operation before it became Kindle Direct Publishing. For CreateSpace, I edited mysteries, thrillers, fantasies, memoirs, westerns, literary, romance, suspense, and yes, vampire erotica. 

I have worked with writing students and private clients for 13 years, as of 2021. I bring production knowledge from 20 plus years working in educational publishing.

I can render all editorial processes a novel or book requires, apart from translation.

When self-publishing, I work with interior templates to make the book stand out, and I can consult and guide you on the interior styling and layout, to create a book that will look like you want. 

I work with graphic designers and graphic artists directly—former colleagues who are not only fluent in the technical standards necessary for print publishing, but make a novel’s world beautifully evocative and enticing. They can also do sexy character renderings.  

Apologies that I don’t have more written materials or even a pricing sheet so you can easily assess projected costs. My rates vary according to a lot of factors about your project. The best way to explore working with me is for us to do a friendly Zoom for the all-important discovery process.

Then I can provide written estimates and I will share a workflow recommendation and explain scheduling options. I try to do this with all the clarity you’d get from a doctor explaining a treatment option he recommends.